Sunday, January 11, 2009

Decorating an A-frame

I'm not sure why everyone assumes an A-frame should be decorated either "rustic" or "country." I suppose because the majority of A-frames are in snowy mountain landscapes, not suburban neighborhoods. Still, does every mountain lodge have to look the same? I'm not a fan of either style so I won't be decorating in those fashions. I understand the A-frame presents serious challenges and restrictions. I won't be adding Louis XIV chairs and armoires anytime. As the house itself is a bit of art in itself, I think it is best to keep the surrounding accessories pretty simple. I have spent hours Googling "A-frame remodel" and "A-frame decorating" and there are little to no resources available on the subject.

I've even come across someone advising an A-frame owner to hang artwork on the angled walls. I seriously advise against this (and frankly, don't understand it--would the top of the art attach at the wall and the bottom hang about 2 feet from the wall? Would you actually attach the art at an angle?) Enjoy the walls for what they are because the tongue and groove can actually be very soothing and spa-like. It also casts a very warm glow.

From decorating my own house I find the styles that seem to work best with an A-frame are modern, transitional, craftsman and mission.


  1. Hi
    We bought an A- Frame in the Sierra Mountains last fall and it only has electricity. No gas. Using the wall heaters is prohibitively expensive and inefficient. I can only imagine how hot it will be on the third floor come August!

    Do you have any tips for cooling and heating?
    Patty White

  2. Hi There,

    I would love to see any decorating ideas you may have tried. And ways to utilize the space with A frame walls in your living room. I know it is challenging for me and there is little info available out there.

  3. We just purchased an A frame vacation home and I loved the way the previous owner decorated. She actually did hang art work on the walls and it looked great. You simply attach two wires to the back of the picture not one and then organize three nails/drywalls screws in an upside down triangle fashion. This enables the picture to hang flush against the wall at the top and the bottom. It looks great.

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  5. I purchased an A-frame House in Phoenix, AZ about 3 years ago and we still haven't really decorated it. I am starting a remodel soon and once that is finished, I feel it will be worth investing to fully decorate it with new furniture and everything.

    I also spent hours searching "a-frame Remodel" and couldn't find anything so I decided to blog about my remodel to hopefully help people that are in the same rut I am in. Feel free to check it out... The Altadena A-Frame House