Monday, January 12, 2009

Inspiration - ideas for remodeling

I've been collecting photographs online for nearly five years to help me with my own remodeling and decorating ideas. There are few examples of stylish A-frame design but I have come across a few photos that are fresh and interesting.

The photo at left is of a house that was for sale in a nearby town. It is not an A-frame but the exterior facade is similar and shows how an addition could be framed out the side. There are no deep eaves, however, which are typical of an A-frame, and which present challenges when adding on.

This is more typical of an A-frame. The roof line of the A actually goes to the base of the house, and it has deep eaves. I like this photo because it is a nice example of how to build out the sides of the house and what the roof line may look like.

I came across this photo while I was reading an article. I've never seen the arched beams before (and I assume that is a pricey add-on), but my favorite part of this image is the stairway. It got my husband and I to think outside the box (or in this case, the A) and consider building a dormer out the side of the house to hold a traditional staircase. We currently have narrow spiral stairs right in the middle of the house, and one of us is always banging our head on the edge of the staircase. The spirals are also incredibly inefficient, as you can barely carry a laundry basket up them.

Another true A-frame. We have beams just like this house, although ours are not painted green. I like the way this home accents the beams but is not restricted by them. Anytime I find a way to add flat surfaces to my home I get excited.

This image highlights the loft area of peaked roof home. I do not know if it is an A-frame but our A-frame loft is similar in style. If this is usable space it is clearly not up to code, as there is no railing, but I like the look of the wood ceiling juxtaposed with the half walls.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your problems with your spiral stairs. Maybe you had it made too narrow, or perhaps you picked a standard staircase that came out to be tight for you guys.

    Well, it's never too late to have it changed. When I had my metal spiral stairs made and delivered, my husband and I tested it first if we fit well. Good thing it turned out to be spacious enough, so we gave the installation a go signal. I hope that when my baby grows up, he'll love our iron stairs too.

  2. Hi, Like you, I've been combing the internet looking for ideas on how to remodel our 1975 A-Frame. It's pretty large as far as A-frames go but just doesn't really fit our needs (need kids bedrooms.)A sketch that we came up with a few weeks ago, is incredibly similar to the picture of the house from the next town over that you have at the top of the page. Do you have any other photos of that house? Our house was renovated by previous owners in the late 80's early 90's and believe me, that's just as bad as the 70's! Best of luck on your remodel!